The Elma Jewellers Legacy

The Elma Jewellers proud tradition of passion is expressed in everything they create. Taking the tradition forward of Jan and Anna Poggenpoel, previously owners of RSA Diamonds, uptill 1990.They are the parents of Elma Cloete, owner of Elma Jewellers. They are a family known for their honesty and delivering quality products.

Elma Cloete is steering the ship here at Elma Jewellers, but the whole team is carrying on the family tradition of passion, quality, attention to detail and personal customer care. In our team, the people behind a company are as important as the company itself

The Elma philosophy is to make a long term customer, not just a once off sale. Elma Jewellers is the place to go for an engagement ring, a birthday or anniversary gift or for any gift-giving occasion.

Through the efforts of Elma and her precious ,dedicated and hard working employees, Elma Jewellers has become not only a successful business, but also trusted and highly respected. We take pride in being the “trustworthy friend in the jewellery business since 1991”. Come here for a personal experience to a family who will look after you.

Elma Jewellers looks to the future for continued growth. The staff here at Elma Jewellers looks forward to helping you select the best for the best price!